Music Page

Remember… our philosophy is laid back; our goal is HAVE FUN.

  • the written music serves as a template or guideline.
  • feel free to improvise.
  • feel free to write you own part.
  • feel free to memorize your music.
  • if it’s too hard, play what you can.
  • if it’s too easy, jazz it up.


Also remember… if I say we will do a song in the key of Concert F; that means the flute, guitar, keyboard will play in the key of F, and the trumpet, clarinet, and tenor sax will play in the key of G. Right?

I have most of these songs saved in a program that can easily transpose a copy to any key.  So if you need it in a certain key, just let me know.

Songs for 2017 Parades

Music for flute, guitar, keyboard, etc.

Music for trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax, etc.